Take Away & Delivery Service

A Take-Away Service is Available

Delivery Available: Free over £15 and within 2 miles (cash only) between 6-11pm
Terms and Conditions on deliveries

1)       Delivery is available daily from 6pm-11pm

2)       Free delivery for order(s) over £15 within 2 miles

3)      A delivery charge will occur if deliveries within 2 miles and under £15. Delivery charge start from £2.00, depending on distance and the amount of your order. Please note, delivery charge is set to cover fuel cost.

4)       Delivery subject to available

5)       Cash only on ALL deliveries

6)       No card payment on deliveries

7)       No Cheque(s) payment on deliveries

8)      Payment must be made upon time of delivery, delivery only to one address. No delivery food to one address and payment at another

9)       Deliveries only to FRONT DOOR of any building. No high block of flats, delivery only to reception/lobby area. Customers living in high flats will be required to collect their order(s) at the main reception/lobby area.

10)     Telephone number required on ALL deliveries. Phone number required for the following :

10.1) Order error……. i.e. Sold out of a certain item(s)

10.2) Wrong price quoted on order

10.3) Confirm of address/order

10.4)  Address can not be found, directions needed

10.5)  If order(s) are delivered and no answer at door, DRIVER will call on telephone number quoted at time of order, if no answer, driver will return food to the restaurant. Food will be kept warm and a pick up will then be required. NO ATTEMPT of re-delivery, please note this may affect future deliveries to the address

11)     We aim for most deliveries to be dispatched within 20-30 minutes from time of ordering, however order(s) may take up to 45 minutes – 1 hour depending on volume of deliveries, weather conditions and traffic.

12)    DELIVERY SERVICE may not be available at certain times on certain days. i.e. valentines day, mothers        day, Christmas eve, new year eve etc.

13)     Delivery may be refused without any reason